MedGlobal participates in maternity event for Venezuelan migrants in Cucuta, Colombia

MedGlobal serves Venezuelan migrants and underserved Colombians in the Comuneros Neighborhood in Cucuta, Norte de Santander, in which we have recently provided prenatal care to 114 pregnant patients. Maternal and Child Health is a priority for the region and MedGlobal, in partnership with the Cucuta Municipal Hall, organized a maternity event for 500 pregnant women from the area. The aim of this event was to create awareness about prenatal care, healthy eating, vaccination, alarm signs in case of miscarriage, human dignity, and gender violence to decrease maternal mortality in Cucuta. 

The event garnered participation from several local organizations that work on the migration crisis in Colombia such as Municipal Health Secretary, Municipal Disaster Risk Management Secretary, IMSALUD, Health and Security Office of Cucuta Town Hall, Red Cross, Terre des Hommes, USAID, UNICEF, World Vision, Rema Foundation, and artist Ciro Quiñónez.

The event included a psycho-prophylactic course, and yoga/relaxation practices. There were booths for participating organizations to showcase their services to the more than 400 attendees living in the community.