Two years after Sudan began a path of political transition that was interrupted in October 2021 by a coup, humanitarian needs continued to rise – driven by an economic crisis, conflict, the COVID-19 pandemic, protracted internal displacement, flooding, and disease outbreaks. Ongoing clashes in the Tigray region of Ethiopia have pushed thousands into Sudan, which now hosts more than 1.16 million refugees and asylum seekers. A further 3 million people in Sudan are internally displaced. Humanitarians have estimated that in 2022 14.3 million people, 30% of the population, will need humanitarian assistance.



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MedGlobal’s Response in Sudan

Increased health needs, coupled with the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic, have caused major shortages of medications and funding for health facilities across Sudan. To support hospitals, MedGlobal and the Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA) began rehabilitating Sudan’s largest pediatrics tertiary care hospital in Khartoum which was at risk of closing its doors. In South Darfur, MedGlobal and SAPA installed an oxygen generator at the Nyala Teaching Hospital that produces 150 oxygen cylinders per day, which is enough to cover the full oxygen needs of the entire population of South Darfur. This is critical to building local health capacity in the short and long term.

In response to the Ethiopian refugee crisis in Eastern Sudan, MedGlobal provided over 14,500 free health consultations for Ethiopian refugees at the Sudan Family Planning Association Clinic in the Tunaidba refugee camp. MedGlobal also supported flood-affected communities in Al Fao, where over 9,000 people were affected by flooding in July, by delivering hygiene kits and emergency medications to reduce the risk of malaria and other illnesses.

“MedGlobal Oxygen generator in Nyala Hospital in Darfur is the largest investment in healthcare infrastructure since Sudan independence in 1955. It will provide oxygen to populations of 5 states and save tens of thousands of lives in the long term.”

– Dr. Mohamed Margani, President of Sudanese American Professional Association 

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