Our team of diverse volunteers serve and support vulnerable communities across the globe.

All volunteer trips are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several virtual opportunities are currently available such as Telemedicine consults, POCUS virtual instruction, and Ultrasound scan review.

MedGlobal volunteers are vital in our mission to decrease healthcare disparity among the most vulnerable around the globe. Our volunteer team is composed of carefully-vetted healthcare volunteers that provide training and education to local partners, and provide direct patient care from primary care for Rohingya refugees to surgical procedures in Gaza. Join our team! Submit a Volunteer Application today! 

Through partnerships with local organizations, training of local professionals and increasing the capacity of local organizations and hospitals, we sustain our impact and address the need for primary and specialty care services in women’s health, children’s health, non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases, mental health and surgeries incorporating best practices, technology and innovations.

So far, MedGlobal has deployed more than 519 medical volunteers in 199 medical missions to 14 different countries. MedGlobal has donated more than 5 million dollars of medications, medical supplies and equipment. Our medical volunteers have donated more than 1 million dollars of professional medical services and provided dozens of training courses to local healthcare providers.

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Previous medical Missions

In November 2017 MedGlobal sent our first Medical Mission to Kutupalong Refugee camp offering healthcare and aid to the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Refugees who fled persecution in Myanmar. Partnering with OBAT Helpers we have maintained a strong on ground presence deploying weekly Medical Missions to help service the OBAT/MedGlobal clinic which sees over 2000 patients per week.

The migrant crisis in Venezuela is the second largest worldwide after Syria. The challenge of this mass exodus is the healthcare condition of Venezuelan refugees. Venezuelan refugees require immediate healthcare services when arriving to receiving countries, both collapsing local healthcare systems and representing a public health threat if left untreated. 

Since MedGlobal was founded in 2017 we have been supporting a number of projects in Lebanon that serve Syrian and Palestinian Refugees. Working alongside our local partners, URDA and ACA, we have deployed several Medical and Surgical Missions, supporting over 2000 beneficiaries.
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Kurdistan of Iraq
In April 2019 MedGlobal will send our first Medical Mission to Northern Iraq providing healthcare services to the conflict-affected populations in Iraq. Our team will focus on vulnerable populations including IDP camps (Yezidi IDPs from Sinjar Mountains, Christian IDPs, and IDPs from Mosul city and surrounding areas), Syrian refugees, and the host communities in Kurdistan region.

In 2019 MedGlobal officially registered in Yemen allowing us to implement sustainable operations in four of the most under-served areas in southern Yemen: Aden, Abiyan, Lahijj, and Taiz. We have established partnerships with Life Foundation for Relief and Development. We will continue to establish direct or remote access to healthcare facilities, increase capacity at local healthcare providers, support multiple medical education programs ensuring access to qualified and dignified healthcare assistance.

Since early 2018 we have been sending Medical Missions to Moria Refugee camp on Lesvos island in Greece. We are working in partnership with local organisation Kitrinos to treat patients at the clinic they have established inside of Moria Refugee camp. Our medical placements in Greece require a longer commitment due to the nature and conditions of the camp.

MedGlobal’s inaugural Gaza mission has completed successfully, but there are even more patients to serve. We look forward to renewing our efforts in the near future. Thank you for your interest and support.

“Volunteering with MedGlobal has been a life-changing experience for me. I never thought I could leave full-time practice to volunteer internationally but MedGlobal’s support for volunteers made it easy. Making a difference in the lives of people who have lost everything was humbling, but renewed my passion for medicine. I volunteered twice in 2018 and have already book my first trip of 2019”

Medical Student Global Health Internship

With our increasingly globalized world, especially within the field of medicine, it is imperative to focus on the education of the future generation of doctors in global health. MedGlobal is committed to equipping our students with a foundation in the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for success in leading global health movements for change. 

Through a two to four week elective, two medical students will join our international partner in Lebanon to participate in clinical rotations in the clinics and surrounding communities, develop research projects and reports addressing the current status of healthcare in the communities they serve, participate in community activities focusing on the wellbeing of individuals and most importantly, embrace the cross-cultural experience. 

Location: Beqaa Valley, Lebanon

Hospital: Ghiras Al-Khair Center

Local partner: MultiAid Programs (MAPS)

Date: Future Missions TBD

Mentor: Dr Marwa Saleh, MD, Family Medicine and Global Health Physician 

We are looking for self-motivated and driven individuals, passionate in pursuing a career in global health that are ready to join and inspire others to be part of this transformational movement. If interested on being part of this program, please submit your application below.

"I had a great experience working with MedGlobal and MAPS in the Bekaa region of Lebanon! We served a diverse Syrian refugee population, catering mostly to their needs regarding diabetes but also addressing acute issues. I was exposed to a more novel approach to diabetic care with the Shared Medical Appointments, allowing us to see around 10 patients simultaneously – increasing both efficiency and community among patients. I was also able to engage in home-visits, checking in on more inaccessible and debilitated patients unable to come to the clinic. This provided me with a better context for refugee living conditions and insight into the most vulnerable patients within the community."

Nina Jreige, Boston University, 4th-year medical student.
“When I left Denver for my mission, I know that I would be returning home with vivid memories of the camp. How could one lay eyes on a refugee camp of this magnitude and not? What I didn’t anticipate though was how meaningful my connection to the people would be. From the Rohingya, to my team members, and now my new friends, I will always cherish my memories with you”

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, we need medical professionals, who can work in a primary care or , surgical setting.   However, our needs are always changing and we encourage all medical and non-medical specialties to apply.

Volunteer placements are a minimum of 1 week commitment depending on location. Please check each location for specifics.

If your spouse or friend has relevant experience we would love for them to join. Please check our medical and non-medical requirements before applying.

One of our team members will get back to you shortly regarding volunteer placement. If, for some reason, you do not hear from you please send an email to volunteer@medglobal.org

Each country varies which is why our Volunteer Coordinator will send you information regarding each location prior to your trip. You can expect a rewarding and sometimes challenging experience.

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