Since 2019, Lebanon’s currency has lost over 90% of its value, causing the country to collapse into one of the worst financial crises since the mid-19th century. Compounding crises over the past several years, including the devastating Beirut Blast in August 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, and recently, a hunger crisis, have worsened the dire socio-economic situation. Over 77% of people in Lebanon now live at or below the poverty line and millions are on the brink of losing access to safe water. The situation is even more critical for the over 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, 90% of whom live in extreme poverty. Surging prices have made necessities like food inaccessible for most, with 67% of Syrian refugees skipping meals. A lack of energy sources has resulted in regular electricity blackouts, bringing hospitals and health centers already suffering from shortages of fuel and life-saving medications to their breaking point.



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MedGlobal’s Response in Lebanon

Among those affected by the multitude of crises in Lebanon, the elderly are particularly vulnerable as the lack of strong social support networks and retirement plans has created massive gaps in health coverage. In partnership with Loubnaniyoun, MedGlobal began an at-home health program for the elderly people in Beirut, providing health consultations, medications, treatment, and health education for 335 patients. Through this program, 300 individuals were vaccinated and 10 community leaders were trained, going on to give 50 COVID-19 awareness sessions. Additionally, MedGlobal worked to strengthen the crippling health system amid the economic and health crisis by providing over 200 pieces of medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, examination beds, ECG machines, blood pressure machines, and oximeters, among others, across 11 primary health centers and 5 hospitals in Beirut, Tripoli, and Koura. MedGlobal also partnered with Loubnaniyoun and the Social Advancement association to deliver over 300 nutrition kits for vulnerable families in Beirut.

To support Syrian refugees in Lebanon, MedGlobal delivered critical winterization supplies, including hygiene kits and blankets, for 660 Syrian refugee families in Arsal. This support was critical as refugees in Arsal live in poor conditions, with tarped tents that often cannot resist the harsh winter weather. Working with Multi-Aid Programs, MedGlobal provided nearly 9000 dental health consultations for Syrian refugee children and held COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education sessions for 2,200 Syrian refugees in the Bekaa Valley.

On August 15, when a gasoline tank exploded in Northern Lebanon, killing 28 and injuring at least 79 people, MedGlobal responded within the first 24 hours of the explosion by delivering critical PPE to two hospitals to protect health workers as they treated wounded patients. These hospitals, located in Beirut and Tripoli, have specialized burn units and were receiving the majority of burn patients from the explosion.

“The medicine is a life-saver right now for COVID patients. We’re very thankful for this donation from MedGlobal.”

– Dr. Firass Abiad, Manager & CEO of Rafik Hariri University Hospital

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Fuel to Hospitals in Lebanon

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