Ongoing Mission

Country Facts

  • Due to civil conflict, 1.5 MILLION Syrian Refugees currently live in Lebanon, more than a quarter of the population, the highest number of refugees per capita in the world
  • Syrian refugees in Lebanon live outside of camps in urban centers and informal shelters with limited access to resource or aid
  • 76% of refugee households are living below this level, on less than US $3.84 per day
  • Approximately 175,000 Palestinian refugees currently live in Lebanon

MedGlobal's Response

  • Performed 50 advanced Cardiac procedures in 2019
  • Partnering with local NGOs and academic centers
  • Performed a first of its kind cardiac procedure in the region for a patient with heart failure
  • 2,164 total volunteer hours

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

After 7 years of conflict due to the Syrian Civil war, the United Nations have identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, more than 6 million which are internally displaced and around 5 million who are refugees outside of Syria. This has resulted in 1.5 MILLION Syrian Refugees living in Lebanon, amounting to more than a quarter of the population, the highest number of refugees per capita in the world.

The influx of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon has created a huge strain on the Lebanese economy resulting in a lack of resources to provide adequate health care, schooling and basic needs for Syrian refugees.

Most Syrian refugees in Lebanon live outside of camps in urban centers and informal shelters. These unsponsored shelters combined with the strain on the Lebanese economy makes it increasingly difficult for Syrian Refugees to have access to Health Care which is why we have partnered with with MultiAids Programs (MAPs) to provide free medical care for Syrian refugees in permanent, semi-permanent and mobile clinics primarily in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

Mission brief

MedGlobal has conducted several medical missions in Lebanon, including both cardiology and surgical mission, to provide care to patients in the camp, clinic, and hospital settings. Additionally, medical missions have supported primary care screening at camps. Currently, there is a great need to provide care for patients requiring complex medical management. Upcoming missions will aim to close the gap in quality specialty care that is needed by providing consultations, diagnostic and treatment support for patients in greatest need. Medical missions will be deployed to Lebanon every 2 months, starting on November 2019. We will be sending groups of dedicated medical specialists and/or generalists with focus areas in non-communicable disease diagnosis and management.


Specialties Needed:
Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Dentistry , Others: Research Professionals, Quality Improvement Champions
Time Commitment:
1 week minimum

Dates: Ongoing through 2020

Your Help Is Needed!

In early January Storm Norma hit Lebanon bringing havoc and challenging conditions to Syrian refugees living in make-shift rural camps.

Many people lost their lives and over 150 refugee sites were heavily affected.

MedGlobal is on the ground providing winter kits to keep refugees.
Our kits provide heating fuel, blankets, hand warmers, coats, hats, boots, socks, gloves and other materials that will provide some warmth.

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