A longstanding blockade, years of conflict, and a crippled economy have created a vulnerable population in Gaza who have little access to health care. Even before the destructive and deadly 10-day bombardment in May 2021, over 1.6 million people were already in need of humanitarian assistance. The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to chronic shortages of medication, supplies, and health providers, leaving communities vulnerable to the virus.

MedGlobal has been working in Gaza to supply critically needed medical supplies, support hospitals, and increase access to healthcare for those affected by conflict.

The situation in Gaza is beyond critical. Thousands of people have been killed and injured including  children. Over 1.7 million people in Gaza have fled their homes with almost 900,000 staying in shelters and thousands more sleeping out in the open seeking safety and shelter wherever they can find it.




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MedGlobal’s Emergency Response in 2023

The Challenge Gaza is facing a critical healthcare crisis. The recent war has left medical facilities in ruins, supplies depleted, and essential services disrupted. Lives are at stake, and immediate action is needed to rebuild and restore healthcare services to the community.

In the face of adversity, MedGlobal has been a pillar of support. During the conflict, we managed to deliver over $1.3 million worth of essential medical supplies. We provided not just fuel to keep Shifa and Indonesian hospitals operational, but also ensured that healthcare workers were sustained with daily meals. Our efforts extended to distributing hygiene kits to displaced families seeking refuge in schools. Despite these efforts, the needs continue to grow.

Our Commitment MedGlobal is dedicated to a comprehensive plan centered on three vital pillars:

  1. Infrastructure Reconstructing the damaged hospitals, particularly in the northern and southern regions of Gaza, is our priority. Our goal is to provide safe, well-equipped medical centers to serve the community effectively.
  2. Supplies and Equipment We are committed to restocking essential medical supplies and equipment. Your support is crucial in preventing shortages that could otherwise have dire consequences for patient care.
  3. Training Strengthening the local healthcare system includes empowering providers. We’re investing in continuous professional training to ensure a robust and resilient medical workforce.

Your Impact The role you play is invaluable. Your financial support is the cornerstone of our initiative to rebuild Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure. Every contribution, large or small, is instrumental in saving lives and restoring hope.

Make a Difference Today Your donation has the power to change lives. Extend your hand in generosity to those who need it most. Contribute $5,000, $2,000, $500, or whatever you can to help us turn the tide. Let’s join forces to be a beacon of hope for Gaza.

Since 2018, MedGlobal has been dedicated to sending volunteer medical teams to enhance healthcare capabilities alongside our Palestinian colleagues. We have been steadfastly supporting hospitals, primary and secondary healthcare clinics, dialysis centers, and mobile medical units in partnership with the local community.

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