Missions Planned

Country Facts

  • Nearly 1.6 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance
  • 900,000 people in the Gaza Strip need health interventions
  • The healthcare sector is impeded by shortages of medical supplies and medications
  • In 2018, 47% of essential medications were at “zero stock level”

MedGlobal's Response

Gaza Mission Brief

MedGlobal is partnering with the Palestinian American Medical Association (PAMA) to send a team of medical, and surgical volunteers for a week-long mission in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, in June 2019. Along with delivering critical medical equipment, surgical supplies and medications, the team will provide medical consultations, perform surgical procedures and offer medical training to local healthcare providers. This mission is being coordinated with the Ministry of Health of Gaza and will be delivered at Al-Shifa, Nasser and Rantisi Hospitals.

MedGlobal’s diverse and highly-skilled medical professionals will provide hands-on medical and surgical support and training with the overall objective of providing life-saving healthcare services for patients with the greatest needs. This includes patients with complex medical and surgical cases that have not been able to access healthcare services. The team will perform diagnostic and interventional procedures as well as build capacity for local physicians and other healthcare providers through a combination of hands-on and didactic education.

MedGlobal will also partner with Butterfly Network to provide ultrasound probes that can be used at the bedside and will train local healthcare providers on their use. The ultrasound probes will be donated upon completion of the mission. This technology consists of a portable ultrasound that can be viewed on a smartphone, allowing for advanced medical imaging with minimal resources. Once captured on a smartphone, images can be uploaded to a cloud-based system, allowing for consultations to occur between healthcare communities across the world.

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