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Paying your Zakat to MedGlobal will save lives. You can rest easy in your faith, knowing that 100% of your Zakat donation will go directly to helping those who need it most.

We work under the principle that everyone deserves healthcare. When you donate Zakat with us, you are helping some of the most vulnerable people in the world gain access to the life saving healthcare they need.

Give your Zakat today!

To find out if you’re eligible to pay Zakat, use our Zakat Calculator

1- Cash on Hand and in Bank Accounts
2- Current Value of Gold and Silver
3- Non-delinquent Loans
4- Expected Receivables
5- Current value of stocks and shares
6- Retirement Accounts and Pension Plans you can Withdraw
7- Business Cash on Hand and in Bank Accounts
8- Business Inventory
Value of 1 oz. Gold (USD)
Nissab (3x value of Gold)
Total amount subject to Zakat
Zakat Due
(If the amount is 0, then no Zakat is due.)
Additional Sadaqa (optional)
Total Zakat
GoldUSD 2,004.50   per Ounce