Save Al-Rahma and Souran health facilities in Syria

This Ramadan, your generosity has the power to avert a looming healthcare catastrophe in Darkoush, Syria. Al-Rahma Hospital, a beacon of hope in a region scarred by conflict, is on the brink of closing its pediatric and intensive care units due to severe financial constraints. The lives of countless children and their families hang in the balance, reliant on the essential services provided by the hospital, especially amidst the harrowing conditions of war.

Al-Rahma Hospital has been pivotal in offering vital pediatric, intensive care and lifesaving medical interventions, serving thousands of patients monthly. Yet, without immediate support, these critical services will cease, leaving many without hope or healthcare.

Similarly, Souran Comprehensive Primary Care Center provides indispensable services for maternal and newborn health, including sexual and reproductive health consultations, normal deliveries, antenatal care, and pediatric and specialized clinic consultations.

These centers are lifelines for a population of over 200,000, offering crucial care in an area where medical resources are scarce.

Here’s How You Can Help:

– $7 can cover the cost of one essential consultation, providing someone in need with potentially life-saving advice and care.

  • $50 can cover one normal delivery attended by a skilled healthcare provider.
  • $500 could support the management of critical intensive care cases for one hospital admission.
  • $20,000 a month supports the Souran Comprehensive Primary Care Centers, ensuring their doors stay open to everyone in need.
  • $25,000 a month allows Al-Rahma Hospital to maintain its vital services, preventing the closure of intensive care units essential to the survival of many.

This Ramadan, your Zakat and donations can sustain these pillars of hope and healing in Syria. By supporting MedGlobal, you ensure no child is left without medical care and no mother is denied essential healthcare services.

Let your spirit of giving shine brightly this holy month. Together, we can prevent the tragic shutdown of these facilities, save lives, and offer a beacon of hope to those facing the unimaginable in Syria. Your support is not just a donation; it’s a lifeline.



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patients to date benefitted from the two oxygen generators constructed by MedGlobal



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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely overwhelmed hospitals and health facilities in Syria, and local doctors describe being forced to turn COVID-19 patients away. In response, MedGlobal worked with Rahma Worldwide and Violet Organization to build two major oxygen generator stations in northwest Syria in 2020 that continue to supply health facilities and COVID-19 treatment centers with critical medical oxygen. MedGlobal has also provided health facilities and isolation centers in the northwest with critical supplies and PPE, as well as supported families in the Atmeh IDP camp with hygiene kits and health services. Additionally, in August 2020 MedGlobal launched “Operation Breath,” a model operation supporting both hospital and at-home solutions for COVID-19 patients in crisis settings like Syria. MedGlobal began to provide critical supplies – such as 200 oxygen concentrators and 100 CPAP and BIPAP machines, or non-invasive ventilators to help people who are suffering from severe COVID-19 symptoms – to cities throughout Syria in partnership with local independent NGOs. These medical supplies are supporting upwards of 48,000 people, primarily those with COVID-19 who are not financially able to access healthcare, in Aleppo, Damascus, Homs, Latakia, Hama, Zabadani, Bludan, and Safita.

MedGlobal also supports several health facilities across northern Syria, including a hospital in Darkoush that serves over 700,000 Syrians in northwest Idlib. MedGlobal is delivering critical medical equipment and working to expand the critical care unit, outpatient clinic, and operating rooms of the hospital. In 2021, MedGlobal also supported health clinics in the Zogra and Kansafra IDP camps. The Zogra camp, which is considered one of the most hard-to-reach camps in northwest Syria, hosts 15,000 people in dire need of humanitarian support and health care. MedGlobal delivered monthly acute and non-communications disease medications to the Zogra clinic pharmacy, which has suffered from a complete lack of medicines and supplies. In the Kansafra IDP camp, where displaced families have limited access to health services, MedGlobal supports 13 health staff that provide free dental care, mental health and psychosocial support services, growth and development checkups, and medications, among other services. To increase health capacity, MedGlobal has trained local health workers on COVID-19 management, pediatrics, ICU, and maternal health care.

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“ Our Intensive Care Unit and outpatient clinics are better equipped because of MedGlobal support. The Oxygen generator built with the support of MedGlobal and Latter-day Saints Charities has provided a lifeline to our patients in Darkush and Northwest Syria. It is the first capacity Oxygen generator in the region. It will continue to save lives for years to come.”

– Dr. Ahmad Ghandour, Director of Darkush Rahma Hospital in Idlib Syria 

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