Yemen Ramadan Campaign

Malnutrition Crisis


Give with Purpose this Ramadan

Yemen’s malnutrition crisis requires urgent action. MedGlobal is working on the ground to provide relief but we need your help. With Ramadan here, now is the time to show your compassion and send life-saving nutritional aid.

An Urgent Crisis

Yemen is facing one of the most severe malnutrition crises in history, with millions of children at risk of increased morbidity and mortality due to acute malnutrition. Sadly, this crisis is only getting worse, and countless young lives are hanging in the balance. MedGlobal’s teams are supporting local healthcare units to provide aid but the numbers are staggering.

Between 2.2 to 3 million girls and boys are in danger every year in Yemen due to acute malnutrition. Shockingly, this represents over 50% of the total at-risk population among children under five.. Chronic malnutrition is also robbing another 2 million children of their futures, leading to stunted growth, cognitive impairment, weakened immune systems, and delayed development.

We can’t turn away from this crisis and we can’t leave Yemenis to fight malnutrition alone. Ramadan is a time of compassion and giving and your action, whether it’s making a simple donation, or giving Zakat, can save lives before this blessed month.

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Stories of Hope

MedGlobal is on the ground, deploying mobile teams to provide emergency response services and lifesaving nutrition to those in need. In the last year we’ve received some heartwarming stories from Yemen.

Anisa, a 24-month-old diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition, found hope and healing through consistent care at Al Fash Health Unit. After her condition dramatically improved and she was discharged, her mother was overflowing with gratitude. Towards the nurse, Medglobal and our donors for all their support.

In February 2023, Jannat, suffering from severe acute malnutrition at only 7 months old, was treated. Her parents faced transportation challenges, due to limited access to hospitals but were able to find life-saving treatment from MedGlobal's mobile teams. Her successful recovery not only brought relief to her family but also gratitude for the tireless efforts of our teams.

There are countless more success stories out there waiting to be told with support like yours. In this blessed month of Ramadan, the time to act is now. Your generosity can deliver further hope and healing to Yemenis suffering from malnutrition. Together, let's ease their pain and bring light into their lives during this blessed time.

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