No One Should Freeze This Winter

A deadly winter emergency will affect millions of people who have been forcibly displaced due to conflict and climate change. Winter is a severe and deadly season for refugees and internally displaced people already struggling to obtain enough food and basic necessities for survival.  Help us help those most in need this winter.

This Winter will be a struggle for survival. The most vulnerable among us need your support immediately.


In Gaza, due to the blockade, limited access to healthcare, severe escalations of violence, and skyrocketing inflation, families cannot access even the essentials. Families in inadequate housing and camps suffer worse in winter.



In Syria, millions of displaced families living in camps will again be subjected to extreme cold and snowstorms. Winter related illnesses and COVID-19 spreads rapidly in these unsanitary conditions, forcing parents to choose between life saving medicine and food.



In Lebanon, the monetary free-fall and hyperinflation are pushing everyone to the brink. 9/10 Syrian refugees live in extreme poverty, reducing their food intake, stopping medical care, and falling further into debt to meet their basic requirements. Families are facing eviction and using dangerous heating methods to deal with plummeting winter temperatures and rising food and fuel prices.


Winter Appeal

Please don’t wait. Severe winter conditions are already here. Your donation can help keep our world’s most vulnerable populations safe and warm this winter.
  • Provide a Winter Essential Kit $150 

  • Warm a Family All Winter $300

  • Provide 240 Refugees with Medication $600

  • Provide Health Services for 300 Refugees $1500

MedGlobal is a humanitarian and health non-governmental organization (NGO) working to serve vulnerable communities around the world by providing innovative, free, and sustainable healthcare. Our health services support refugees, displaced persons, and other marginalized communities in conflict-affected and low-resource settings around the world. Our vision is a world without disparities in health.


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