Winter Campaign

Winter Is Upon Those in Need

But help is in your hands.

Winter conditions are about to draw on over 100 million refugees and IDPs needing your aid.

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Winter Appeal - Be Their Warmth


Protect Families From the Dead of Winter

The world of the unfortunate begins to alert as they hear the winter knocking. Millions of refugees and IDPs are fearfully awaiting what’s to come in the upcoming winter. We know what’s to come.

The power shortage in Ukraine will leave the locals without light, water, or heat for months.

Gaza’s destroyed infrastructure will show its effects more severely in winter as families cannot even access the essentials. 2.5 million Palestinians require humanitarian help, and 80% live in extreme poverty. Families in inadequate housing and camps will suffer worse consequences in winter.

Yemen’s subzero temperatures will leave its subjects with too little protection from cold, hunger, life-threatening malnutrition, and diseases.

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Protect Families From the Dead of Winter

9/10 Syrian refugees in Lebanon living in extreme poverty due to hyperinflation and epidemic will face evictions and be left to use dangerous heating methods due to the raising food and fuel prices.

As Bangladesh’s winter manifests itself with lethal floods and cyclones that wreak havoc across the region, its residents whose basic hygiene needs yet remain uncovered will suffer more from diseases in the bad winter conditions.

Millions of Syrians who fled their homes for safety will struggle to stay warm as the temperatures plummet below zero in the refugee camps bordering Syria.

More than 3 million refugees and an additional 6.5 million internally displaced people may require humanitarian assistance this winter. We need your help to provide the necessary care to millions in need. $300 will help keep a whole family warm this entire year.

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MedGlobal’s Response

Our mission gets harder in the winter as the poor and unfortunate from all around the world face even darker times.

So far, we have served 10 million people, provided 132,261 free health consultations, supported 71 different hospitals and health facilities, and given 749,719 direct health services. As our community grows, these numbers rise higher up. No matter how dire the circumstances are, we will continue to push harder and provide even more families with comfort and risk-free lives. For that reason, we rolled up our sleeves this winter as well to provide the necessary aid to the people of Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Yemen, and Gaza.

Last year in Lebanon, we supported 3 hospitals and a health clinic with electricity and heating and 4,080 beneficiaries with heating with 50,000$ - this year with inflation it is expected to be $75,000-$100,000. Only with your help, our hands can reach out to more families. Only with your help, we can save lives.

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