URGENT APPEAL: Humanitarian Disaster in Northeast Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan

Ongoing military operations in northeastern Syria has already displaced 64,000 Syrian civilians internally and to the Iraqi Kurdistan regions. An additional 300,000 civilians will most likely be displaced to the already overstretched camps and towns still recovering from the fight against ISIS. The region currently hosts several million displaced people

MedGlobal has been providing medical relief including life-saving medications, medical supplies, ambulances, medical missions, training, and mobile clinics to the diverse displaced populations (Arabs, Kurds, Yazidis, Muslims, Christians, Assyrians, Turkmen)  in northern Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan through our local partners and direct medical missions in the two regions. 

In response to this humanitarian crisis, MedGlobal will be running multiple mobile clinics at the entry points between Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria and send more medical relief to internally displaced people in Syria.

There is a critical need for:

  • Life-saving medications
  • Intravenous fluid 
  • Medications for chronic diseases
  • Antibiotics, anesthesia medications, and pain medications 
  • Nutritional supplies
  • Surgical supplies and trauma kits
  • Medical consumables
  • Basic medical equipment
  • Mental health first aid

The situation is getting worse by the minute. There is an urgent need to raise funds. Your donation saves lives. Help MedGlobal provide life-saving medical relief to Syrians facing dire circumstances.


Thank you for helping us create a world without healthcare disparity.