Point of Care Ultrasound Program – Ukraine

Ukraine are in Urgent Need for Medical Equipment

More than 12 million people are believed to have fled their homes in Ukraine since the conflict began, according to the United Nations. Over 5.7 million have left for neighboring countries and another 6.5 million people are thought to be displaced inside the war-torn country itself.  They are in need of protection, support and medical supplies.

MedGlobal’s teams have been on the ground since March of 2022 and to fulfill the needs identified by the Ukraine Ministry of Health.  Our track record for delivery of POCUS or Point of Care Ultrasound education in multiple countries and deployment of donated Butterfly iQ+ devices (https://www.butterflynetwork.com/) is of great value to the people of Ukraine.

Our preferred pricing with Butterfly allows MedGlobal to purchase devices with associated iPad and ongoing subscription for a one-time cost of $2,500.

MedGlobal’s co-founders have been on the ground.   Dr. Zaher Sahloul: “The situation is catastrophic. We need more help and funds urgently as the war on civilians is getting uglier. Children and women are the Victims.” Dr. John Khaler: “Attacks at the border with casualties coming into Lviv: we need medication and field supplies ASAP.”

From our other physicians: “Our level of concern is much higher than other conflict areas we’ve been involved in,” Dr. Riley Jones, MedGlobal Doctor.  “POCUS allows for cost-effective rapid diagnosis of life-threatening diseases in a provider’s pocket,” Christopher Miller, MedGlobal Doctor and Critical Care Physician.

It’s easy to feel helpless in moments like this, but we ask you to respond with what you can to this urgent appeal, and please also share this fundraiser as widely as you can.  We need your support more than ever to reach as many people as possible in the coming months.

MedGlobal helps those in need across the globe, including refugees and displaced people. We send teams of doctors, nurses and medics, along with medical equipment, supplies and medications, to crisis areas where we provide health services and train local providers.

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