Ukraine Water Emergency

Devastating Attack on

Khakhovka Dam

On June 6, 2023, a catastrophic event unfolded as the Kakhovka Dam succumbed to an attack on its infrastructure by Russian Military Forces. The resulting aftermath has left the dam in a state of near-complete destruction. The Kakhovka Dam serves as a critical resource for various essential systems, including the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station, the Krasnoznamianka Irrigation System, the Kakhovka Irrigation System, industrial plants such as the Zaparoizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), freshwater fish farms, the North Crimean Canal, and the Dnieper-Kryvyi Rih Canal.

The devastating consequences of this event have impacted a staggering number of settlements, estimated to be around 80, which have been submerged under floodwaters. Tens of thousands of civilians have been profoundly affected, experiencing displacement due to the flooding. Moreover, the availability of drinking water has become a grave concern as it has become contaminated and cannot be delivered to more than 300,000 individuals. The deluge of floodwaters has further exacerbated the risk of disease outbreaks in the affected areas.

In addition to these challenges, the destruction of the hydroelectricity facility has severely diminished the region’s electricity generation capacity. Given the gravity of the situation, aid organizations are urgently appealing for financial contributions to support their efforts in procuring portable water purification systems and power generators. The immediate focus lies in addressing the acute need for potable water until conditions stabilize. Concurrently, the restoration of power generation is indispensable in facilitating an effective disaster response and rescue operations, mass care sheltering, as well as monitoring and mitigating potential disease outbreaks.

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We request your generous donations to support the initiatives of MedGlobal, and our partners IDMC, HTWB and Vans Without Borders. We are actively working towards the procurement of:

  • water pumps,
  • water purifiers,
  • and power generators to aid healthcare facilities impacted by the devastating floods in Ukraine.

Your donations will directly contribute to the urgent provision of clean water and the restoration of vital power supply in these critical healthcare settings.

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