Emergency Appeal


Ukraine Emergency Appeal


Millions of people have no safe place to call home. More than 4.6 million have already left Ukraine.

Hundreds of thousands of people still have no food, no water and no medical care.

Our MedGlobal team have been working around the clock to get critical care to those who need it most, alongside providing life-saving medical equipment and vital trainings. 

Our team are on the ground including our co-founders, Dr. Zaher Sahloul, “The situation is catastrophic. We need more help and funds urgently as the war on civilians is getting uglier. Children and women are the Victims.” Dr. John Khaler “Attacks at the border with casualties coming into Lviv: we need medication and field supplies ASAP.”

“Our level of concern is much higher than other conflict areas we’ve been involved in,” Dr. Riley Jones, MedGlobal Doctor.

How will my donation help people in Ukraine?

Your donation will be used to reach people in urgent need, including

1. Providing refugee healthcare in neighboring countries
2. Training Ukrainian health professionals on certain skills online or in person
3. Sending medical supplies and medications based on local needs
4. Sending needed medical technology and equipment and training frontline healthcare workers on its use like portable ultrasound
5. Using Telehealth and Tele-psych programs to help Ukrainian patients
6. Building and supporting field hospitals
7. Organizing diaspora Ukrainian community for humanitarian work
8. Advocacy to medical organizations, global health organizations, human rights organizations, UN agencies and policy makers

MedGlobal has been supporting refugees for years, and will not stop now. MedGlobal helps those in need across the globe, including refugees and displaced people. We send teams of doctors, nurses and medics, along with medical equipment, supplies and medications, to crisis areas where we provide health services and train local providers.  

Please give what you can to this urgent appeal, and please also share this fundraiser as widely as you can.

We know the news coverage is overwhelming. But we need your support to keep responding. 

Please donate right now if you can.

                                                                                $109,445.62 Raised  –  $150,000 Goal