Turkey closes border leaving 300,000 Displaced

Once more, the situation in #Idlib #Syria is catastrophic my friends. In the past 4 weeks, intensified Russian and Syrian regime bombing of civilians areas north of Hama, Idlib, Aleppo and Latakia have led to more than 250 death among civilians and many injuries.

What is worse is that more than 300,000 have been displaced. Yes you read it right, Three hundred thousands so far. The number is expected to get worse. There are 4 million civilians in Idlib, half of them are displaced from other ares in Syria.

One of my friends from Idlib told me that this is the worst humanitarian crisis he witnessed since 2011. Hundreds of thousands are without shelter and in need for medical assistance. They are land-locked with nowhere to go as Turkey has sealed its border.

The media has been absent completely except for few reports here and there. Everyone wants to forget Syrians.
Would you?

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