Save Lives, Give Zakat to MedGlobal before the year ends

Save Lives, Give Zakat to MedGlobal before the year ends

According to Islamic scholars, Zakat, or almsgiving should be given to the most vulnerable, the needy, and displaced (al-masakeen and wayfarers). 

Your Zakat helps us save lives and provide healing by supporting:

  1. Necessary medications and medical supplies
  2. Performing life-saving surgeries on the needy
  3. Direct nursing or medical care
  4. Catastrophic hospitalizations

MedGlobal is a Zakat-eligible charity organization that saves lives and provides medical relief and services to refugees and victims of disasters in 14 different countries including:

  1. Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. So far, we served 98,000 Rohingya refugees, like Hasina Begum in the Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar
  2. Syrian refugees and victims of war in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. So far, we have provided more than $1,000,000 of much-needed assistance to patients like Abdullah, a victim of barrel bombs in Idlib.
  3. Refugees in Greece, like Mohammad, a refugee from Afghanistan in Moria camp
  4. Victims of war in Gaza. So far we have provided $400,000 to Palestinian patients like Maryam, a patient with cancer in Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza city
  5. Victims of war in Yemen. So far we have provided more than $1,000,000 to Yemeni patients like Sabaa, a child with severe malnutrition in Al-Jawf

Give your Zakat to MedGlobal today!