Syria – Turkiye Earthquake Response

In response to the Earthquake in Turkiye and Syria, MedGlobal deployed a team of 12 volunteer physicians from the USA, the Netherlands, and Turkiye of different specialties to the affected areas to assess the needs of the population and provide medical care to those in need. The organization also provided medical supplies and equipment, including medications, first aid kits, and surgical supplies, to local hospitals, health centers, and our mobile clinics.

In addition to providing immediate medical assistance, MedGlobal’s focus is to support the longer-term recovery of the affected population. We are working with local partners to provide ongoing medical care and mental health support to those affected by the earthquake. We need your support in order to provide food for families dealing with malnutrition, medication and medical equipment like the advanced portable ultrasound. We also have established mobile clinics to treat the victims and people who lost their homes and now live in camps or temporary shelters. The Clinics provide free medical services, medications, psychological support, and nutritional support for malnutrition.

Stand with Syria and Turkyie

This Ramadan, Be with the Survivors of the Earthquake.
  • $100

    Provides healthy food and nutrition for one family for one month.

  • $300

    Provides treatment to 100 patients for one month via MedGlobal Mobile Clinic.

  • $500

    Provides a month’s worth of medication and consumables.

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MedGlobal’s response to the Syria earthquake highlights the organization’s commitment to providing humanitarian aid to those affected by crises and disasters, and its dedication to supporting the long-term health and well-being of affected communities.

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