Syria Ramadan Campaign

Save Lives


This Ramadan, let’s extend our compassion towards those deeply impacted by the Syrian conflict. MedGlobal’s teams are on the ground, but we need your support to continue providing life-saving medical care to Syrians in need.

A Devastating Crisis

The civil war in Syria has been catastrophic, with over 500,000 lives lost and 13.5 million people displaced, creating the largest displacement crisis in the world. 

The destruction has severely affected Syria's healthcare, leaving many hospitals in ruins and a significant portion of healthcare professionals displaced. Currently, 6.7 million people are internally displaced within Syria, and a total of 11.1 million are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, with a significant number being children.

MedGlobal is on the ground, offering crucial healthcare and humanitarian assistance to the displaced and vulnerable in Syria and this Ramadan, your donations can truly make a difference. 

Let's come together this Ramadan and make a meaningful impact. Your generosity can heal, nourish, and save lives during this blessed month.

Support MedGlobal’s
Syria Mission

MedGlobal in Syria

In 2023, MedGlobal continued its vital support for healthcare in Aleppo and Idlib, Syria. Our teams maintained five primary care centers, offering essential services like mental health support and nutrition awareness. 388,219 free consultations were provided, along with nutrition services and health education sessions.

MedGlobal also helped 16 hospitals, focusing on surgeries and intensive care, especially after natural disasters. We conducted over 12,000 secondary healthcare consultations and performed surgeries, saving lives in the conflict zone.

Additionally, MedGlobal addressed specialized medical needs, such as dialysis and ambulance services, benefiting thousands. Through training programs and medical missions, our team ensured effective healthcare delivery, making a significant impact in northern Syria's healthcare landscape.

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