Sudan Emergency Campaign

Urgent Appeal for Sudan

MedGlobal Needs Your Support to Save Lives

MedGlobal expresses deep concerns about the recent escalation of violence in Sudan. Join our cause in supporting the people of Sudan during their time of crisis.

The Situation Is…

The recent clashes in Khartoum and other regions of Sudan are putting over 15 million people in even more grave danger due to food shortages and inflation. Many innocent lives are lost, and the death toll will only rise if we cannot send medical support on time. As MedGlobal, we are doing our best to provide healthcare to the injured, but we cannot do it without you.

Lives at Stake, A Country at Risk

Our team and medical staff are safe and are working diligently to follow the situation closely in Khartoum and Ghadaref. The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors reports that at least 56 civilians have been killed and 595 have been injured in the conflict, including one doctor. Hospitals are running out of medical supplies and medications, and patients and medical professionals are trapped in hospitals due to the fighting and blockade of roads.

Your Way to Help

Help us save lives, provide urgently-needed medical supplies to Sudan today.




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As part of our response to the crisis, we are calling for all parties to declare a ceasefire, adhere to international humanitarian law, and ensure the protection and safety of healthcare personnel, patients, and medical facilities. We also urge parties to allow for the evacuation of civilians and the delivery of aid, including medical supplies and personnel, to reach those in need. We demand an immediate end to hostilities to prioritize the safety of civilians.

Sudan is a fragile country, and a developing humanitarian crisis may cause large internal and external displacement of the population, cause more suffering, and impact neighboring countries. We appeal to the US administration and the international community to pressure both parties to stop the fighting before things spiral out of control.

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