Sudan Emergency Appeal

Target $100,000


The situation in Sudan is dire, and the people there urgently need our help. The country has been plagued by conflict, economic instability, and political turmoil for decades, and the recent military coup has only made the situation worse. Thousands of people have been displaced, and the number of refugees seeking shelter in neighboring countries is increasing by the day.

Prior to the present conflict, 15.9 million people in the country were in need of humanitarian assistance. There are about 950,000 refugees in Sudan and 3.5 million internally displaced persons. Thousands of people in Sudan are struggling to survive, with limited access to food, water, and medical care. The situation is only going to get worse unless we take action now.

Hospitals have been looted, ambulances hijacked, and medical workers attacked during five days of fierce fighting in Sudan.

The World Health Organization warned that the “deeply concerning” attacks on health infrastructure “appear to be increasing,” hindering access to care for citizens caught up in the unfolding conflict.

To date, out of 59 major and essential hospitals in Khartoum and neighboring areas, 39 are out of service. Of those 39, nine were bombed, and 16 were forced to shut down due to a lack of medical supplies, electricity outages, and gasoline shortages to run the generators. Another five major hospitals are expected to be out of service within 24 to 48 hours. Five ambulances have also been attacked.

Support Sudan Today

Your help is urgently needed to continue providing lifesaving services to those most in need in Sudan. Your support can help ensure that the most vulnerable receive the health care services they urgently need.

  • $12

    Emergency Kit.

  • $20

    Medical Personal Protective Equipment.

  • $50

    50 liters of diesel fuel to support running of hospital generators. 

Please note the bar does not update automatically. It is updated every 24 hours.

Since 2017, MedGlobal, in partnership with local partners, has been working in Sudan, providing emergency response; rehabilitating hospitals, building vital health infrastructure such as oxygen generators, providing medical technology and equipment, responding to floods and natural disasters, and providing healthcare to refugees from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and other African countries in eastern Sudan.

MedGlobal is an international medical NGO that provides emergency response, sustainable health programs, and supports resilient health systems in partnership with communities in disaster regions and low income countries.

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Please support our lifesaving work in Sudan. Whatever you give, we’ll put to use providing vital support where it’s needed most.

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