Peter Kovler

Mr. Peter Kovler: Chairman of the Board of the Judy and Peter Blum Kovler Foundation

Mr. Peter Kovler is a philanthropist with a career of over 40 years working for human rights and illuminating the stories of marginalized peoples. Mr. Kovler transitioned from his career as a journalist to devote his life to philanthropy with his family’s foundation in his late 20’s (now The Judy and Peter Blum Kovler Foundation). His work has always aligned with advocacy of human rights. From early reporting on human right’s abuses in Southeast Asia to the countless projects his foundation has supported, Mr. Kovler has led a lifetime of giving towards organizations and projects supporting humanitarian aid where it has been needed most. He has produced documentaries and funded memorials and museums. His documentary “Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie”, won an Academy Award in 1988. Mr. Kovler lives by his motto to “help people who are underrepresented”.