Dr. Mohammed Abass

Dr. Mohammed Abbas is an emergency medicine specialist, joined MedGlobal in November 2021 with 11 years of practical and field experience including 9 years in the humanitarian sector in challenging environments. Dr Abbas has more than five years experience in many private and public hospitals in Yemen as a general practitioner and as an emergency medicine specialist.

Dr. Mohammed also has more than nine years of practical experience managing humanitarian health and nutrition programs, and led the establishment of health and nutrition programs in many different international NGOs in Yemen (ZOA, MEDAIR, IRY), and led the implementation of several projects in Yemen ( multi-sectoral), leaving a strong imprint in strengthening and supporting the health system and health policies, and participated in the development of many health policies.

Prior to starting his career at MedGlobal, Dr. Abbas worked as Head of Health and Nutrition at ZOA International, Senior Health Coordinator at Medair, Head of Base at IRY, and also worked for various International NGOs (WHO, MSF, IMC, IRY, ADRA, Medair and ZOA).

Dr. Mohammed is a graduate of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and holds a Master in Community Health, and Emergency medicine specialist from Arab Board Qualification. He has also attended various short training courses including; Building a Better Response (BBR), Basic and Advance Security, PMD, Project Management, and Leadership.