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Support our mission to provide medical aid to vulnerable migrants and refugees transiting through Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico and to train local doctors in Colombia and Ecuador

The migration crisis in South America continues to worsen, putting thousands of lives at risk due to their long walking journey and because of their lack of access to healthcare services in the host countries. MedGlobal is providing medical care and humanitarian aid to those in need. 

Support Migrants and Refugees in South America

Medical Care Support

MedGlobal continues to provide medical care to thousands of migrants, refugees and host communities in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Due to political instability, economic crisis, and social crisis in Venezuela and Ecuador, thousands of migrants are fleeing their home countries currently gathering in Colombia both in the border region with Venezuela and in the Colombian side of the Darien Gap. Their journeys exposed them to several risks and their migrant status limited them the access to healthcare they can have.

The work MedGlobal does is crucial for Venezuelan and other migrants and refugees in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. MedGlobal provides first-contact primary care services and provides medications and medical supplies to cases in need. MedGlobal’s work in Colombia and Ecuador is changing lives, and its work in Mexico we will be able to connect the work done in the south as MedGlobal continues supporting migrants in their journey; your donations help to support our mission and will create direct and lasting change.

Thank you for your generous support to those affected in South America.

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A Snapshot of MedGlobal in South America

Due to political instability, economic crisis, and social crisis in Venezuela, Colombia has been the main receiving country for Venezuelan migrants and refugees. Colombia currently hosts more than 2 million migrants and refugees. MedGlobal started its operations in Colombia in 2019 providing almost  92,000 medical consultations since then. MedGlobal and its international medical volunteers provide an average of 750 medical consultations on each resiliency medical mission on the ground. 

In Colombia, MedGlobal is providing free primary care services at Casa Venezuela in the Colombian-Venezuela border, a site located close to the Simon Bolivar Bridge border, which is the main crossing site from Venezuela. So far, more than 6,000 medical consultations and 22,000 hot meals have been provided to Venezuelan migrants and refugees living in poverty and in transit to third countries. 

The Darien Gap has become a public health emergency site due to overcrowding and the lack of health services available. Migrants and refugees from Venezuela, Ecuador, and other countries gather in the city of Necocli aiming to cross through the jungle. Despite the risks, such as dehydration, animal attacks, or being trafficked by irregular groups, migration through the Gap continues. MedGlobal is providing first-contact primary care services to migrants and refugees in transit from different nationalities to reduce their health risks while crossing through the Gap.

The migration crisis has expanded into Ecuador, which hosts around half a million Venezuelan migrants and refugees. In Guayaquil, Ecuador, the Centro de Atencion al Migrante (CAM), which is MedGlobal’s operating site, provides primary care services including children and adult consultations and nutritional services to serve vulnerable Venezuelan migrants and refugees. So far, MedGlobal has provided 4,200  medical consultations from January to September 2023. Serving adults, children and the elderly, MedGlobal provides primary care services including medications, nutritional services, nutritional formula, and supplements

Your donations can help us to reach even more people who are urgently in need of care. Fleeing their homes they’re at increased risk of disease without being able to afford or be eligible for adequate healthcare. 

Every donation can make a difference in our mission to help those affected by the migration crisis in South America.

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