Send Life Saving Medical Equipment to Gaza

Send Life Saving Medical Equipment to Gaza

This campaign aims to send healthcare professionals and life saving medical equipment to the Gaza strip.

MedGlobal in coordination with the Ministry of Health is deploying a medical intervention to the Gaza Strip composed of experienced healthcare professionals to provide both medical and surgical support, life saving medical equipment as well as capacity building for local healthcare providers.

With the aim to provide life-saving health services and access to essential healthcare needs for the most vulnerable in Gaza Strip.

In Gaza, the humanitarian situation deteriorated in 2021. Overall, 2.1 million Palestinians, 1.3 million in Gaza, and 750,000 in the West Bank will need assistance in 2022.

The Health Cluster has identified a total of 1.5 million Palestinians, two-thirds of whom are in the Gaza Strip, as requiring health-related humanitarian assistance in 2022.

MedGlobal provides needs-based, life-saving, and life-sustaining medical services in partnership with local organizations to those most vulnerable around the globe.

The people of Gaza are in dire need of health and humanitarian support. Join us to support this critical health response by making a life-saving donation.

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