Saving Yemen: MedGlobal teams up to launch highly coordinated response

MedGlobal joins Humanitarian Alliance for Yemen

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(Chicago, IL – 8/14/19) – MedGlobal has joined with Project HOPE, Pure Hands and United Mission for Relief and Development to form the Humanitarian Alliance for Yemen to launch a closely coordinated, holistic response to the continually worsening humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The four U.S.-based nonprofit organizations will leverage their expertise and resources to deliver humanitarian and development assistance to the people of Yemen and address the needs of millions of people in rapid decline after five years of conflict.

“The crisis in Yemen is widely seen as the world’s most dire humanitarian catastrophe, and we must act with even greater urgency to save the millions of Yemeni women, children, and men who struggle each day to stay alive, safe and healthy,” says the alliance. “Our goal is to ensure we deliver services that complement each other and ultimately help people recover and rebuild faster.”

The Humanitarian Alliance for Yemen will work to engage local Yemeni organizations to focus on hardest-hit and so far unreached or under-served communities where malnutrition and disease are rampant – delivering food, medical supplies, and medicines, in addition to providing emergency and other critical medical services. In the longer term, with an improved security environment, the alliance will aim to empower Yemeni communities to support themselves with sustainable programs focusing on rebuilding the health infrastructure and the capacity of Yemeni health workers.

“MedGlobal has sent multiple medical, surgical and training missions to different areas in Yemen and supported Cholera treatment centers, malnutrition treatment centers, distribution of medications and food to different cities and provided technology and medical equipment to hospitals. We are committed to expanding our work in partnership with local communities and our partners in the Alliance,” said Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the president of MedGlobal.

Now in its sixth year, the conflict in Yemen has pushed the country to near economic collapse and grave human catastrophe. Today about 80% of the population is in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, and about one-third – 10 million people – cannot find enough food to eat. Nearly 18 million Yemenis do not have access to clean water and sanitation, triggering the worst cholera outbreak in recorded history, with more than 1 million cases reported in the last two years alone. Fighting, shelling, and airstrikes have caused early 100 civilian casualties per week, and tens of thousands of families have had to flee their homes.

About the Alliance Members
MedGlobal is a Chicago-based, international medical non-profit organization that provides health services to people in need around the world providing sustainable health care services to the refugees, the displaced and the most vulnerable in crisis areas and low resource countries worldwide by deploying diverse short-term volunteer medical missions and partnering with local organizations.

Project HOPE operates around the world wherever the need is greatest, working side-by-side with health care workers and their communities, addressing the greatest public health challenges to enable people to live their best lives. Project HOPE responds to disasters and health crises and stays on in communities long after disaster strikes to help find solutions to epidemics and any other neglected health needs.

Pure Hands focuses on alleviating poverty, providing economic opportunity, and delivering emergency relief. They work together to serve the larger community and to support the poor and most vulnerable groups, reducing their suffering through well-planned and comprehensive programs in health, food security, WASH, capacity building, livelihoods, and disaster preparedness and response.

UMR‘s health, education, and food security programs aim to reduce the suffering of the most marginalized and vulnerable groups through immediate relief and development projects that provide tools and resources needed to increase their resilience and self-reliance.

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