Rohingya Ramadan Campaign



This Ramadan, join MedGlobal and bring life-saving medical care to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Together, we can be a beacon of hope for families torn apart by crisis, during this blessed month.

Provide Hope and Healing

In the heart of Bangladesh's sprawling refugee camps, MedGlobal operates Camp-24's sole healthcare facility, dedicated to providing the Rohingya and local Bangladeshi communities with critical medical aid. From healthcare services, medicines, and hygiene kits to emergency relief including shelter and food, we stand by those who need us most.

Let this holy month be a time of giving and compassion. Support MedGlobal's Ramadan campaign to provide essential relief and medical care to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Your generosity can save lives, offering hope and healing to those in need

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Rohingya/Bangladesh Mission

MedGlobal in Bangladesh

The Rohingya crisis has forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes in Myanmar, seeking refuge and safety. Overcrowded camps in Bangladesh have become their new reality, where living conditions are beyond dire. In Camp-24 alone, over 26,000 Rohingya refugees strive to build a new life amidst hardship and uncertainty.

Thanks to your support, MedGlobal has become a pillar of hope in these communities. Our healthcare professionals have delivered over 22,000 health consultations, trained hundreds of healthcare workers, administered thousands of vaccinations, and raised awareness on critical health issues. At our maternity birthing center in Somitipara, we've provided comprehensive maternity care services, significantly reducing home births among Bangladeshi mothers from 90% to 45%.

Our strategic approach focuses on establishing fixed programming at key facilities including the Primary Health Clinic, Medical Access Points, and the Nutrition Stabilization Center. 

However, our work is far from over. Without continued support, these vital facilities risk closure, threatening the health and well-being of thousands. This Ramadan, we invite you to make a difference. Your generous donation will ensure that MedGlobal can continue to offer lifesaving healthcare, support, and hope to those affected by the Rohingya crisis.

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