Resilience is the power of Syrian society

By Dr. Zaher Sahloul, MedGlobal President and Co-Founder

It is astounding how resilient #Syrian civic society is. The organizations, doctors, and nurses in #Idlib, in spite of the siege, relentless bombings, the threat of destruction, instability, and poor political atmosphere, the presence of extremist groups, the large displacement, and a bleak future, they have created miracles within the narrow space of freedom they have. Imagine their potential in a stable and free country. 

Organizations like Violet Organization are organizing youth, empowering women, providing micro-loans, and sustainable income to the displaced. They provide shelter, food, and medical care through its volunteer base of more than 1,000 young Syrians risking their lives. They will be the future for Syria if they are given the right opportunity.

I visited the Academy Of Health Sciences, a unique and well-equipped center, supported by SEMA US. They provide college degrees for medics, nurses, and physical therapists. They deserve our respect. 

I had the opportunity to visit several hospitals, like Bab Al-Hawa Hospital, which is supported by UOSSM, a tertiary center that performs 20% of surgeries in Idlib on top of providing training and education. I also visited Ibn Sina hospital, the only children hospital in Idlib, which is supported by SAMS. I visited the Pulse of Life Hospital, supported by Syria Relief & Development, which was destroyed by Russian missiles in the village of Hass. 

Contrary to public perception, I witnessed creative projects, enthusiastic leaders who built academic and medical institutions from nothing. I saw aspiring students, empowered youth and women, and vibrant civic life. They want to share their experiences with the world. They need our attention. It is so important to be with them and bare witness to their struggles. They deserve our support, and above all, our respect. We owe it to them not to turn the other way.

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