Remembering Nasir Uddin, Former MedGlobal Staff Member

In December 2020, a former MedGlobal staff member in Bangladesh, Nasir Uddin, passed away. He was a beloved member of the MedGlobal team in 2019, and will be missed dearly by those who knew him.

The entire MedGlobal team extends our deepest condolences to his friends, families, and colleagues. Three of his former MedGlobal colleagues put together messages of love and remembrance for their dear friend: 

“Nasir was such a valuable and important member for MedGlobal’s Bangladesh Team, and we couldn’t have done much without him. Nasir was very sincere in his desire and efforts to help within the organization. He’d go to great lengths to make sure things always got done exactly the way they needed to be done. For our volunteers, he did everything to make sure they were comfortable and had exactly what they needed to comfortably provide care for the Rohingya community. Nasir was actually a member of the host community, so he lived almost within the same area as the refugees and his life was impacted by the settlements that were put up near his house. The young man was studying to become a lawyer one day. I truly miss him and still can’t imagine he’s been gone for a whole month now. Nasir was the backbone who made it easier for the Field Coordinators to do such difficult medical missions for many months on end.” – Dr. Maryam Molla, former MedGlobal Bangladesh Field Coordinator

“I have so many fond memories of him, it is hard to narrow it down to one. He was so selfless and spent his life in service of others. He once drove nine hours each way to collect me from the airport just to make sure I arrived safely. He always treated the Rohingya community with compassion and respect. He was always there to listen and help in any way. He greeted everyone as aunty, uncle, brother and sister. He was a shining star and the very best of humanity. It was an honor knowing him.” – Millee Johnson, former MedGlobal Operations Manager

Tracy Ibgui, Nasir Uddin, Lia Harris, and Maryam Molla during a medical mission in Cox’s Bazar

“I met Nasir during the 2019 Helping Babies Breath (HBB) medical mission and we stayed in touch long after the mission. He would respectfully refer to me as “mother” and called my children his sister and brother. Nasir was a gentleman with a kind soul. He was committed to the safety and comfort of the medical volunteers who traveled long distances to reach Bangladesh. My luggage was lost at the airport and when it finally arrived he insisted on retrieving the bags himself so I could focus on the medical work. He was always going above and beyond his job’s role to make sure our missions ran smoothly and he did it with a genuine love for his job. All the volunteers insistently connected with Nasir due to his hard working but fun personality and his infectious smile. He will be missed and was a great asset for MedGlobal.” – Tracy Ibgui, MedGlobal Board Member