Ramadan Gaza Campaign

Conflict and Crisis

Supporting Palestinians in Gaza this Ramadan

Years of conflict in Gaza have created a healthcare system that is inadequate to cope with the health needs of Palestinians. Find out more about how MedGlobal is working to support them.


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Supporting Victims of Conflict

A longstanding blockade, years of conflict, and a crippled economy have created a vulnerable population in Gaza who have little access to health care. Even before the destructive and deadly 10-day bombardment in May 2021, over 1.6 million people were already in need of humanitarian assistance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to chronic shortages of medication, supplies, and health providers, leaving communities vulnerable to the virus.

MedGlobal is on the ground, working in Gaza to supply critically needed medical supplies, support hospitals, and increase access to healthcare for those affected by conflict.

This Ramadan, during the month of blessings and sacrifice, we need your support to help reach even more Palestinians in need. Your generosity and kindness during this blessed month will save countless lives.

Donate to Gaza This Ramadan


Medication for an elderly patient for 1 month


Healthy food box for a family of 5 focused on assisting malnutrition


Provide assistance to individuals who need Surgery in Gaza


Support the purchase of a dialysis machine


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Life-Saving Equipment

This Ramadan, millions of Palestinians are struggling to receive the healthcare they need due to a severe scarcity of adequate medical equipment. In conjunction with the Ministry of Health, MedGlobal is working to send the equipment they require but we need your help.

Your donations this Ramadan will help us deliver life-saving equipment that will change the lives of Palestinians for the better. Without medical intervention, millions are facing a health crisis that will have a widespread detrimental impact.

Any act of generosity during this blessed month will not only bring you great reward but also have a positive impact on the lives of Palestinians. Take action today.

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