Providing home health services and medications to elderly patients – Lebanon

MedGlobal, with funding from the Stirling Foundation, and in partnership with Loubnaniyoun and Social Advancement Association (SAA), is implementing ‘Providing Home Health Services and Medications to Elderly Patients in and Near Beirut in Lebanon”. The project is implemented to provide vital primary home care to elderly and disabled patients in and near Beirut which will help to continue providing home health care services to destitute and elderly residents of Beirut who are neglected or have no access to healthcare due to age or disability and expand home health care services to 900 destitute elderly and/or disabled residents of other neighborhoods in extreme poverty.

The baseline evaluation was conducted to provide information on the current situation that the project aims to change and provide a critical reference point for assessing changes and impact, as it establishes a basis for comparing the situation before and after an intervention, and for making inferences as to the effectiveness of the home health activities. The results of the baseline evaluation will then guide the implementation of the project to bring positive change to the project beneficiaries in Beirut. This will provide important lessons learned for future programming.

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