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Pakistan ranks in the top 10% of countries with the worst infant mortality rates worldwide.  Less than 50% of women receive the recommended minimum antenatal care of at least 4 visits during pregnancy.  MedGlobal teamed up with the Indus Health Network, a nonprofit organization in Pakistan which provides free and accessible healthcare. 

MedGlobal focused on creating an education and training program teaching use of point-of-care ultrasound to physicians, nurses, and midwives. To address the high infant mortality rate, we taught over 100 participants the Helping Babies Breathe technique, a course in which birth attendants develop skills they can utilize within the first minutes of life, including identification of a baby in danger and administration of life-saving measures. These local master trainers have gone on to teach multiple courses locally, further building capacity in rural areas.  Finally, we developed our first Empathy and Compassion Training course where over 500 trainees attended.


MedGlobal is looking for trainers to join volunteer teams headed to Pakistan in 2020.


• Adult Ultrasound POCUS trainers
• Helping Babies Breathe Master Trainers
• Basic Life Support (BLS) certified instructors
• Background in Empathy Training

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