Ongoing mission

MedGlobal's Response

  • Sending a team of instructors for Helping Babies Breathe, Antenatal Ultrasound, Adult Point-of-Care Ultrasound and Empathy Training
  • Will adopt a “Train-the-Trainer” module of education for capacity building and to extend our impact long after the mission is complete
  • Delivering neonatal resuscitation equipment and point-of-care ultrasound probes
  • Partnering with the Indus Health Network

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Pakistan Current Situation

According to the United Nations’ Human Development Index, Pakistan ranks 150 out of 189 countries in the world – well below average for other countries in the South Asian region. While strides have been made in development, the effects have not equally affected all areas of the country, with a particular lack of resources in rural areas. 

There is currently less than 1 doctor for every 1,000 patients in Pakistan, with a disproportionate coverage of medical care in rural communities. The rate of infant mortality is high, ranking near the top 10% in the world

Only 50% of women receive the recommended minimum antenatal care of at least 4 visits during pregnancy. Conditions such as acute diarrheal illness and malnutrition continue to be prominent, with 45% of children under 5 years of age meeting the criteria for moderate to severe stunting due to malnutrition.


Together with the Indus Health Network, MedGlobal will be taking a team of trainers to provide courses in Helping Babies Breathe, Adult and Antenatal Ultrasound and Empathy Training to healthcare professionals from rural areas across Pakistan. The MedGlobal team will adopt a “Train-the-Trainer” module of education for capacity building and to extend the impact long after the mission is complete. 

Also, MedGlobal will be delivering neonatal resuscitation equipment to be distributed to the areas with the greatest need as well as point-of-care ultrasound probes, which bring advanced medical imaging to the bedside with minimal resources. These ultrasound images can be captured on a smartphone or tablet and uploaded to a cloud-based system, allowing for consultations to occur between healthcare communities across the world. 

The mission will be based in Karachi, Pakistan, from November 17 through 24, 2019.


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