MedGlobal’s Emergency Response and Mobile Clinics are Saving Lives in Yemen

MedGlobal’s Emergency Response and Mobile Clinics are Saving Lives in Yemen

Around two million children in Yemen are currently suffering from acute malnutrition, (including 540,000 children under the age of five- ‘Yemen HNO 2023, pg. 62’), and they need immediate treatment to survive. MedGlobal and other implementing partners are working to provide emergency response services to help the affected populations. 

Due to the insurmountable issues regarding transportation and the difficult road conditions, Jannat’s parents were not able to go to hospitals to seek treatment and medication. MedGlobal, funded by LDS, deployed mobile teams in Misrakh District in Taiz governorate to screen and treat the excessive increase of malnutrition rate. During their routine biweekly field visit, they found Jannat’s mother was waiting for them from early morning at Al-Mokaaf village at a mobile clinic location with her daughter of 7 months, who was suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

They screened her and found that her Z score was less than (-3) kg and MUAC is 11.3 cm. Her body was skinny and pale. The mobile team admitted Jannat into the SAM program to receive proper treatment, and with regular follow up, she was discharged from SAM program after 6 visits with a weight of 6 kg and MUAC of 13.10 cm.

With happiness mixed with tears, Jannat’s mother said, “It is my pleasure to thank the mobile team supported by MedGlobal for their great work to alleviate the suffering of many children and mothers who live in remote areas.”

Jannat, post-treatment, with her mother. *Image used with permission