MedGlobal Volunteers Safely Flee Bombing in Idlib


October 6, 2023

MedGlobal Volunteers Safely Flee Bombing in Idlib

The medical NGO’s volunteers are safe in Türkiye after an attack launched by the Assad regime.

On October 5th, the Syrian army launched a barrage of attacks on multiple areas in Idlib, including Idlib City, killing five and injuring 30. During this attack, MedGlobal was conducting an ongoing medical mission with seven American doctors, one Canadian doctor, and one Austrian doctor in Northwest Syria, which began on October 2nd. These volunteers provided training and healthcare services to the Syrian people in opposition-controlled territories and were in Idlib at the time of the attack. The volunteers were near the bombing site, hearing the explosions throughout the night. Fortunately, our nine brave medical volunteers escaped unharmed and crossed the border from Idlib to Türkyie today. 

“We thank God that our volunteers made it across the border safely,” said Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the president of MedGlobal. “Our volunteers are happy to be safe but frustrated that they are leaving behind their patients and the Syrian people.”

Many casualties among civilians were reported after this attack. Hospitals are running low on medicines and medical supplies. MedGlobal asks the world community to do what it can to stop the shelling and bombing of 4.5 million trapped people and to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. 

MedGlobal is an international medical NGO that provides emergency response and sustainable health programs and supports resilient health systems in partnership with communities in disaster regions and low-income countries. The organization offers life-sustaining health care and mental health services to Syrian, Palestinian, Ukrainian, Yemeni, Lebanese, Rohingya, Bangladeshi, Ethiopian, Sudanese, and Central and Latin American refugees, internally displaced persons, and migrants.

MedGlobal operates several primary health clinics, hospitals, ambulance systems, mental health programs, a drug rehabilitation center, medical training, nutrition, and vaccination programs that serve hundreds of thousands of mostly internally displaced people in northern Syria by international humanitarian principles.

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