MedGlobal Team Returns from Kyiv, Ukraine Safely after a Training Medical Mission

For Immediate Release
12th October 2022

A team of 7 US doctors and nurses returned from Kyiv, Ukraine after completing the training of more than 150 Ukrainian doctors, nurses, and medics on chemical weapons preparedness, the use of portable ultrasound in the management of trauma patients, and improving nursing practices in triaging and infection control.

This is the 7th training mission completed by MedGlobal in war-inflicted Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 25th.

MedGlobal doctors have trained more than 750 Ukrainian healthcare providers from 42 hospitals on mass casualties, and disaster management among other topics to improve their resiliency. 

The team delivered an estimated $200,000 of life-saving medical and surgical supplies. So far MedGlobal has delivered 4.7 million dollars of medical supplies to frontline hospitals.

All team members arrived safely in the US following a barrage of barbaric Russian missile attacks on civilian infrastructures in Kyiv and other cities. MedGlobal’s local team has also survived the bombings. All local team members are in good spirits and determined to continue the humanitarian mission. 

Dr. Tanya Bucierka, an ER physician based in Eugene, Oregon, who had just arrived in Warsaw after a stressful and long trip from Kyiv said, “We are humbled to stand in solidarity with the healthcare workers and civilians in Ukraine during these tough times. We are learning from the dignity and the courage of our colleagues, and are determined to partner with them until the end of this crisis and beyond.”

During the visit, the team met with the Deputy Minister of Health Elyna Mykychak who thanked Medglobal for its support of the healthcare system in Ukraine and discussed current health priorities and areas of future collaboration.

MedGlobal is an international medical NGO that provides emergency relief in disaster regions.