Updates on MedGlobal programs amid COVID-19 concerns

MedGlobal is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19. We have suspended our short-term missions until further notice, however, our ongoing programs are operating to provide life-saving care and we are the front line of prevention in our Colombia & Bangladesh clinics.

  • Greece & Bangladesh: Our clinic is still operational and with our local partners we continue to see patients and provide much needed medical equipment and supplies.
  • Yemen: We are continuing to spend a $750k grant over the next few months in delivering medical aid and supplies.

“While the global health community and countries are busy with curbing the spread of the COVID-19, let us not forget the refugees and the displaced. It is our humanitarian duty and it is also the right thing to do to prevent catastrophic morbidity and mortality in a population that is unable to deal with the pandemic effectively.” – Dr. Zaher Sahloul

MedGlobal will continue the planning for future training and periodic missions to other countries and will incorporate Infectious Diseases and Critical Care specialists and COVID-19 training for all upcoming programs.