MedGlobal Joins Coalition of NGOs in Urging President Biden to Address Gaza Crisis

WASHINGTON, DC — The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has reached a critical juncture, with millions of lives at stake and aid efforts impeded and obstructed at every turn. As a leading international medical NGO that provides emergency relief in disaster regions, has worked in Gaza for many years, and has sent multiple aid missions into Gaza since October 7th, MedGlobal is committed to addressing the dire situation. 

Today, we have joined with our partners at Interaction in a coalition of 50 NGOs to publish an open letter addressed to President Biden, urging decisive action to save lives and end the humanitarian catastrophe. 

The letter expresses frustration with the ineffectiveness to date of measures to secure a ceasefire, guarantee the safe delivery of aid, and guarantee the safety and protection of aid workers. 

As over 1.1 million people in Gaza face famine and malnutrition and more civilians die every day,  the group of NGOs highlighted specific measures that are urgently needed, including: 

  • Immediate ceasefire and release of all hostages. 
  • Protection of civilians and aid workers, no matter their location.
  • Full and unimpeded humanitarian access.
  • Restoration of public services like water and electricity.
  • Prioritization of famine response with intensified aid delivery and specialized services.

The deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the collapse of the healthcare system, the ongoing famine in the north, and the looming catastrophic Rafah offensive demand immediate action, not only rhetoric,” said Dr. Zaher Sahloul, President of MedGlobal. “Doctors, nurses, and humanitarians, who have been on the ground for months, have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of this conflict, including more than 40,000 people killed to date, most of them women and children. Every moment of inaction costs more lives. The international community must work together to ensure the safety of civilians and aid workers and to provide unimpeded access to essential humanitarian aid.”

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