MedGlobal Improves Access to Healthcare to Migrants in Colombia and Ecuador


September 5, 2023

MedGlobal Improves Access to Healthcare to Migrants in Colombia and Ecuador

The humanitarian NGO’s volunteers return from another successful mission in Ecuador and Colombia

The MedGlobal team conducted another resilience medical mission in Ecuador and Colombia. Six volunteers in Ecuador provided direct patient care to the host communities as well as to Venezuelan and other migrants living in Santa Elena province, Ecuador from August 19 to 26 and in the Cucuta region in Colombia from August 27 to September 2. 

“The migrant crisis is a reality not only in the US but also in many central and Latin American countries with much less resources. We are doing our part by improving access to dignified health and reducing the burden on the overwhelmed healthcare systems in Ecuador and Colombia. We are incredibly thankful for our volunteers as well as our local partners ,” said Dr. John Kahled, the co-founder of MedGlobal who oversees central and Latin America’s medical programs. 

MedGlobal began its health clinic in Colombia in 2018 by providing a multitude of healthcare services to Venezuelan migrants at the border, and in Ecuador in 2020, providing supplies, medications and medical training in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to emergency relief services at the border, MedGlobal is improving access to health care for vulnerable Colombians and displaced Venezuelans in the barrio of El Talento, and has provided 2,000 free health consultations so far. MedGlobal currently staff and support cross border activity in La Parada, Norte de Santander, Colombia and a soup kitchen serving 150 to 200 meals twice daily to needy clients and their families including children and elderly.

MedGlobal is an international medical NGO that provides emergency response, sustainable health programs, and supports resilient health systems in partnership with communities in disaster regions and low income countries.

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