Letter from the Palestinian American Medical Association to MedGlobal

MedGlobal and PAMA (Palestinian American Medical Association) partnered up to send a team of medical and surgical volunteers for a week-long mission to pilot a medical program in the Gaza Strip during the summer of 2019. Along with delivering critical medical equipment, surgical supplies, and medications, the team provided medical consultations, performed surgical procedures, and offered medical training to local healthcare providers. MedGlobal is looking forward to continue working with PAMA in providing health care to vulnerable populations in Palestine.

The following is a letter of gratitude MedGlobal received from PAMA.

Dear PAMA friends and family,

PAMA is proud to gain the trust of international charities like MedGlobal. Over the last few months, PAMA has received a total of $305,000 in grants from MedGlobal. These grants were used to benefit our people in Gaza, namely hemodialysis patients. The grants were also used to furnish Al-Shifa Hospital with medical and surgical supplies to help them survive the difficult times they are going through.

We also collaborated with MedGlobal in our medical mission to Gaza in the last week of June 2019. The mission was very successful, the mission members have performed high quality and complex surgeries, highly needed medical consultations, and finally hands-on ultrasound training courses.

It is your support that got us where we are today, please keep the momentum going, and we promise full transparency and genuine effort to promote health care in Palestine.

Yours Sincerely,
Majdi Hamarshi, MD, FCCP
President, PAMA

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