June Ukraine Mission

July 10, 2023

MedGlobal Team Educates Future Frontline Medics in another Successful Medical Training Mission in Ukraine
The humanitarian NGO’s volunteers return from another successful mission in Ukraine

The MedGlobal team conducted an RMM training session on battlefield injuries and portable ultrasounds for Ukrainian medical instructors and future frontline medics in Kyiv from June 24 to July 3. The team also visited Dnipro and Lviv for additional training and donations.

Three American surgeons volunteered for this mission: Michael Samotowka, Bedford Hudson Berrey Jr., and Judah Slavkovsky. Michael Samotowka is a native Ukrainian and MedGlobal volunteer trauma surgeon who is based in Charlotte. Bedford Hudson Berrey Jr. is a former US Army medic who has been deployed to El Salvador, the Philippines, Honduras, Guatemala, and Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, where he was the deputy commander, Chief Medical Officer, of the 85th Evac Hospital. Judah, originally from Oregon and now residing in Champagne, IL, has participated in several medical missions, returning from a mission in Afghanistan six weeks before going to Ukraine. This mission consisted of MedGlobal veterans like Judah, who marked his 5th mission to Ukraine on this trip, and new volunteers like Bedford, who was completely new to volunteering in Ukraine. All local team members remain in high spirits and retain their strong passion to continue their humanitarian work.

“We are proud to provide necessary training that will prevent many needless casualties from Russian attacks on civilians. We hope that this training will save more lives on the frontline and help in Ukraine’s fight for freedom. We are incredibly thankful for our volunteers as well as our partners that assist our work,” said Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the president of MedGlobal.

This is the ninth MedGlobal training mission completed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022. One year ago, MedGlobal sent four volunteer medical workers to six major regional hospitals to provide educational training on polytrauma, triage, FAST exam, blast injury, and point of care ultrasound (POCUS).

MedGlobal has been working in Ukraine since the start of the invasion and has trained more than 1,077 healthcare professionals from over 119 hospitals on mass casualties, disaster management, and other practices to minimize loss of life. MedGlobal has provided more than $5.8 million dollars in medications, medical equipment, and medical supplies to Ukraine and have served more than four million people.

MedGlobal is an international medical NGO that provides emergency response, sustainable health programs, and supports resilient health systems in partnership with communities in disaster regions and low income countries.

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