GI Supplies for Gaza Strip

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Gaza’s healthcare system currently lacks essential gastrointestinal (GI) equipment and accessories that are vital to treating life-threatening conditions like bleeding, infection, and other illnesses. The hospitals in Gaza are in dire need of endoscopes to perform endoscopic exams and accessories for treating GI bleeding, infection, stone removal, etc.

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The list attached below includes supplying Gaza hospitals with two gastroscopes (upper endoscopes), injection needles and metal clips for control of bleeding and closure of defects, and extraction balloons to remove obstructive stones from the bile duct that can lead to a life-threatening infection.

These equipment and accessories are essential for treating GI diseases and emergencies.


50 Disposable Endoscopic Clip

(EndoClip, Disposable, Endoscopic, Rotatable Clips Design, Hand Lock System, Atraumatic clips, Operation Length 230cm, Channel Length 2.8mm, Clip-size 16mm)


30 Amcrylate Injection Ampoule 0.5ml (Cyanoacrylate)


20 Endoscopic Injection Needle

(Sterile, Echogenic, Diameter 19g)


50 Biliary Extraction Balloon Catheter

(200cm Channel, 3 Lumens, Long Wire 16mm Balloon Diameter)


Digital Videoscope Cable for Olympus Edoscope Unit


2 Gastroscope Cord 5 ml and 9 ml

(Processor Model EPK-150000 Compatible with PENTAX Unit)

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By donating GI supplies, we can make a difference in Gaza, helping to ensure that they have access to the necessary medical resources.

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