Gaza Emergency


Airstrikes continue to strike Gaza

Years of conflict in Gaza have created a healthcare system that is inadequate to cope with the health needs of Palestinians,  Find out more about how MedGlobal is working to support them


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Gaza Needs Us

A series of airstrikes targeting multiple locations across the Gaza Strip have caused damage to dozens of homes across the besieged enclave as well as to Al-Durrah Children’s Hospital in Gaza City. 


MedGlobal stands by its mission, a world without disparities in health, hospitals as safe havens for patients and children seeking medical care. These attacks not only put patients’ lives at risk but also create a sense of fear and insecurity among healthcare workers, patients, and their families.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has contacted MedGlobal and expressed the urgent need for vital support. Our team in Gaza is working with the Ministry of Health in Gaza to address the immediate medical needs.

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Gaza's Health Crisis

Over 2.1 million people are already in need of humanitarian assistance in Gaza, one of the most densely populated places in the world. A longstanding blockade on Gaza has led to an acute lack of access to comprehensive health care and chronic shortages of critical medicine and medical equipment.

The fragile health system is ill-equipped to manage the needs of the people in this besieged area. The Health Cluster has identified a total of 1.5 million Palestinians, two-thirds of whom are in the Gaza Strip, as requiring health-related humanitarian assistance in 2023.

Now, as the crisis escalates, health care will be more important than ever. Join us to support this critical health response and reach those most affected by the bombardment in Gaza.

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