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In the heart of conflict-ridden Gaza, MedGlobal has been on the ground since before the conflict, tirelessly working to deliver essential healthcare services to those most in need.

Our Mission

In Gaza, where 2.3 million lives hang in the balance, accessing basic services like healthcare is a daily struggle. Yet, despite the relentless challenges, MedGlobal remains steadfast in its commitment to saving lives and easing suffering. With 143 dedicated staff members and 12 strategically placed medical points and a primary health center, here’s a glimpse of our ongoing work and accomplishments:

  • Healthcare Amidst Chaos: Despite the destruction of 100 health facilities, including 31 hospitals, and the loss of 723 healthcare workers, MedGlobal operates a Primary Healthcare Center and nine medical access points, providing vital care to over 5000 patients daily.
  • Focused Efforts: From providing lifesaving nutritional support to children under five, expanding maternal and child health services, to integrating mental health and psychosocial support into our programs, our efforts are geared towards addressing the most pressing healthcare needs of the community.
  • Emergency Response: Our specialized medical teams are deployed swiftly to address urgent healthcare needs as they arise, ensuring that no medical emergency goes unattended.

Join us in our emergency response efforts and help us deliver lifesaving care to those who need it most.

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Gaza at a Glance

  • Humanitarian Crisis: With 2.3 million people in need, the situation in Gaza remains dire, marked by continual bombardment, displacement, and destruction of infrastructure.
  • Healthcare Challenges: Damage to health facilities, acute shortages of medical supplies, and the loss of healthcare workers exacerbate the already precarious healthcare landscape.
  • Urgent Need for Support: Your donation can help bridge the gap, ensuring that essential medical care reaches those facing uncertainty and fear on a daily basis.
Statistics Snapshot
  • 100 Health Facilities Affected
  • 31 Hospitals Damaged
  • 723 Healthcare Workers Killed, 924 Injured
  • 28 Deaths Due to Malnutrition
  • 673,851 Cases of Acute Respiratory Infections
  • 359,378 Cases of Diarrhea in Children Under 5
Our Impact

Recognized for our efforts in delivering essential supplies, we’ve distributed over $1.3 million worth of supplies and food to hospitals in need. Our recent initiatives include launching medical access points in shelters and establishing critical healthcare facilities to ensure no one is left behind.

With your generosity, we can continue to provide lifesaving care, purchase essential supplies, and support our dedicated teams on the ground. Join us in making a difference in Gaza’s time of need.

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