Food Box Ramadan Campaign

Fight Food Insecurity


Send Food Boxes to Gaza and Lebanon

This Ramadan, extend your compassion to those facing food insecurity challenges in Gaza and Lebanon with MedGlobal. Send nutritious food boxes from $60 and make a more significant impact during this blessed month.

Nutrition and Health

The crises in Gaza and Lebanon have left countless families struggling to find their next meal. Food insecurity, a grave issue in these regions, is not just about hunger.

It leads to severe health problems, including malnutrition and increased risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes and hypertension. The lack of nutritious food compromises immune systems, leaving individuals more vulnerable to illnesses and diseases.

To fight food insecurity MedGlobal is providing nutritious food boxes to vulnerable lives, but we need your help to reach those in need. During this blessed month as we gather with our families and enjoy Iftar, spread that joy to families in Gaza and Lebanon with MedGlobal.

Support MedGlobal’s
Food Box Mission

Support Families in Gaza and Lebanon

MedGlobal is committed to improving food security and nutrition in communities we serve. By providing food boxes filled with nutritious foods, we aim to address the immediate needs and work towards sustainable solutions for long-term health improvement. Our efforts in Gaza and Lebanon focus on ensuring that families have access to the essential nutrients needed to improve their health.

During this blessed month of Ramadan, your support can bring hope and relief to families facing hardship. A donation of $60 can supply a family with a month's worth of nutritious food, making a significant difference in their lives in this time of blessings and giving.

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