EOY Winter Campaign

Winter Is Upon Those in Need

Support MedGlobal's Year-End Winter Appeal

As 2023 draws to a close, we stand at a critical juncture. Winter’s harsh weather is threatening the lives of communities in need, refugees and internally displaced people around the world. You can be their relief. Spread warmth and hope with MedGlobal.

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Warmth, Hope and Winter Essentials

Throughout the year, countless families and communities facing adversity bravely navigate hardship challenges. However, when winter arrives, their struggle becomes even more formidable. The harsh weather exposes their inadequate shelter and clothing. Food and water become scarce, and the unforgiving cold brings the ever-present threat of disease.

In these final days of the year, you have the power to make a life-saving difference for those out in the cold. They should not suffer alone. Together with MedGlobal, your donations can provide them with winter essentials and bring them in from the cold and start the new year with hope.

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Winter Crisis

Gaza’s crisis has destroyed infrastructure, and its effects will intensify in winter as families cannot even access the essentials they need. With countless Palestinians requiring humanitarian help, and many living in extreme poverty, the families whose homes have been destroyed and those living in camps will suffer worse consequences in winter.

In the refugee camps bordering Syria, millions of Syrians who fled their homes for safety will struggle to stay warm as the temperatures plummet below zero but they can’t afford fuel or warm clothing to stay warm in their shelters, which are often inadequate.

Join with MedGlobal and provide winter essentials to families in need in Gaza, Syria Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Bangladesh, Ukraine and more. Together, we can ensure that these families don’t face the cold and harsh winter alone. Together, we can provide them with the warmth they desperately need. Your donation, no matter how big or small, can be a source of hope, comfort and a promise of a better year ahead.

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