Endline evaluation report for provision of maternal health services at Medglobal Maternity and Birth Center (MBC) Bangladesh

MedGlobal directly implemented a Maternal and child health (MCH) program in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. The established MedGlobal Maternity and Birth Centre (MBC) in March 2021, is open for 24/7 prenatal, postnatal, and birthing services, to combat the issues brought about by maternal health complications. The project objectives included i) Providing 90 normal vaginal delivery (NVD) services to pregnant mothers in Shomitipara, ii) Providing 3,600 antenatal/ postnatal (ANC/PNC) services to pregnant women in Shomitipara, iii) Providing 3,600 medication prescriptions to pregnant women and new-born babies in Shomitipara, (iv) Educate 3,600 woman and/or their partners on parenting issues.

The endline survey was to provide how well MedGlobal achieved its target during the 6 months of implementation. This report gives details of program improvement at the outcome that were brought as a result of project implementation. The design of the tools and data collection was guided by Inter-agency standing committee (IASC) protocol that complied with protection against sexual exploitation and harassment (PSEAH) and child protection (CP) policies ensuring that women and persons with disabilities are part of the beneficiaries, and considered COVID-19 infection prevention and control (IPC) measures, to provide comparable cross-regional data for populations living in a variety of cultures with varying economic resources across Shomitipara, also known as Kutubdiapara.

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