Elderly Services Program, Home Based Care in the Gaza Strip.

The elderly age category is one of the most vulnerable social groups that require special care, not only as a response to their needs but also as a way to support societal resilience. MedGlobal believes that everyone can live a fulfilling life with passion and purpose, at any age. The elderly outreach program continues to grow to serve more families in the Gaza Strip. 

MedGlobal Gaza office provides health care for elderly people in the Gaza strip to 550 beneficiaries with the goal of alleviating their suffering and enhancing the quality of their health and life. Home visits providing essential medical examinations, treatment, and assistive devices are done by the mobile medical team consisting of a doctor, nurse, lab tech, and physiotherapist.

According to the results of a study conducted by the MG Gaza office: 1. 96% of the elderly male patients and 97% female patients reported that they suffer health problems and lack knowledge about their health conditions. Therefore, providing the elderly patients with awareness sessions about their health problems and how to cope positively with such conditions is recommended. 

  1. The most common diseases recognized in elderly patients are arthritis, neuralgia, or rheumatism (96%), then chronic back pain (85%). The least common are fractures of the hip, thigh, and pelvis/ broken hip (6%). The most commonly diagnosed diseases are high blood pressure (93%) and diabetes (79%).
  2. 81% have a disability, 20% are completely disabled and 60% reported that they are partially disabled. The most common disabilities are physical (54%), visual (30%), and hearing (17%).
  3. The least common disabilities are mental (2%) and cerebral palsy (1%).

MedGlobal’s home health care program has reduced pressure on family members and the MoH. It is also the most cost-effective way to increase access to primary health care services for such a vulnerable group. MedGlobal believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right, so it works to assist those in need while also ensuring safe access to high-quality healthcare services. MedGlobal works tirelessly in Gaza to reach those who lack access to health care, particularly in marginalized communities. 

According to one elderly person, Gaza has turned into a “piece of hell”, and the conflict has exacerbated pre-existing problems for Gazan residents. This includes the destruction of vital services, the worsening of an already-existing mental health crisis, and the infliction of significant injuries and even in some cases, death.”