At MedGlobal we are committed to advancing refugee health through education programs.

MedGlobal Education

We target medical students early in their careers, volunteers with a passion to serve to vulnerable areas around the world, and frontline healthcare providers. MedGlobal currently offers several education initiatives and our network is growing rapidly. Our programs focus on capacity building at the country-level and preparing the next generations to tackle challenges in refugee healthcare.

Student Medical Education

Because of the growing number of medical students interested in joining a global health elective, there is a need to have immersive experiences in the refugee health sector. At MedGlobal we offer 2-4 week electives at select sites. Students are involved in clinical, quality improvement, and research projects and are provided full support by our staff pre, intra, and post-elective.

Our medical staff is equipped with diverse backgrounds in global health. They act as mentors for the students throughout their elective and guide their future career paths. Students are expected to complete pre-elective online training and orientation before their departure. 

We also support students in pursuing research interest projects at specific sites. This is a unique opportunity for students considering global and refugee health for their career paths.

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Volunteers in Education

Our volunteers are actively participating in various forms of education during medical missions at several MedGlobal international locations. Through community awareness sessions, promotion of patient education, and CME of local providers, our volunteers have contributed to MeGlobal’s mission to educate in our programs worldwide.

If interested in pursuing education through volunteering join our network of volunteers

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Continued medical education for international healthcare professionals


We are committed to improving the quality of care delivered at international sites through our partners. Over the last year, we have delivered several training programs on topics including Helping Babies Breathe, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, as well as specialized training in surgical techniques.

We are constantly developing our continued medical education and training programs through partner universities and organizational affiliations. Contact us for more information on collaborating.