At MedGlobal we are committed to advancing refugee health through education programs.

MedGlobal Education

At MedGlobal, our team is committed to the advancement of refugee health through targeted education programs offered to medical students, volunteers with a passion to serve, and frontline healthcare providers with various education initiatives. The education programs focus on capacity building at the country-level and preparing healthcare professionals to tackle challenges in refugee health.

Student Medical Education


With a growing interest in global health electives for students and residents, MedGlobal is preparing refugee health electives, which will be delivered through online training and field immersive experiences. This program will be a 2-4 week elective, beginning in Summer 2020 and led by our diverse team of physicians.

MedGlobal also supports students who are pursuing research projects at specific sites. This is a unique opportunity for students considering global and refugee health for their career paths. Contact us at for more information.

Volunteers in Education

MedGlobal volunteers are actively participating in education initiatives during medical missions. Through community awareness sessions, promotion of patient education, and CME of local providers, volunteers have contributed to MedGlobal’s mission to promote education in our programs globally. 

If you are interested in pursuing education through volunteer work, join our network of volunteers.

Continued medical education for international healthcare professionals

MedGlobal is committed to improving the quality of care delivered at international sites with our local partners. Over the last year, our teams have delivered several training programs including Helping Babies Breathe, Advanced Trauma Life Support, ultrasound training infection control, diabetes management, as well as specialized training in surgical techniques.


MedGlobal is continuously developing continued medical education and training programs through partner universities and organizational affiliations. Contact us for more information on how to collaborate with MedGlobal.

We are able to serve and support communities because of the support from our partners