Why MedGlobal?

MedGlobal works in difficult to reach areas, devastated by war, natural disasters, famine and ethnic cleansing, where individuals have poor access to healthcare and many NGOs choose not to venture.

How we Started

MedGlobal was founded in June 2017 by physicians who are experienced in humanitarian medicine to address the health needs of the most vulnerable across the world.

MedGlobal’s culturally diverse teams respond to the world’s humanitarian crisis by partnering with communities to provide innovative, sustainable, and dignified healthcare.

Purpose & Operating Principles

MedGlobal provides sustainable healthcare services to refugees, the displaced, and most vulnerable in crisis areas and low resources countries worldwide by deploying diverse short term volunteer medical missions and partnering with local organizations.

We are committed to implementing our missions based on the following operating principles:

Sustainable Impact

 Rendering positive, measurable, and sustainable impact on our beneficiaries by providing quality, free, immediate, relevant, lasting, and life-saving healthcare services to populations who may not have access to such services and collecting data to analyze the outcomes.  

Intense Leverage
Leveraging every dollar raised or donated through incorporating volunteerism of highly skilled medical professionals, in-kind donations, the use of technology and innovations and training.
High Visibility

Achieving high visibility for our work and partners through our active presence on multiple platforms including online and social media, digital marketing, smart advocacy, and earned media.

What we do

MedGlobal deploys Short Term Medical Missions, STMMs, composed of carefully-vetted global healthcare volunteers, provide assistance and education to local partners and healthcare providers, support local medical providers with training, funding, technology and advocacy and donate medical equipment, medications and medical supplies in order to provide life-saving and life-sustaining medical services, based on needs-assessment and best practices, to the most vulnerable around the globe.

Through partnerships with local organizations, training of local professionals and increasing the capacity of local organizations and hospitals, we sustain our impact and address the need for primary and specialty care services in women’s health, children’s health, non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases, mental health and surgeries incorporating best practices, technology and innovations.

Through quality improvement, we aim to establish a culture of healthcare quality, prioritize areas of improvement, collect and analyze data and communicate our results while committing to ongoing evaluation and sharing our results with the wider community.

So far, MedGlobal has deployed more than 519 medical volunteers in 199 missions to 14 different countries since its inception. MedGlobal has donated more than 1 million dollars of medications, medical supplies, and equipment. Our medical volunteers have donated more than $4,087,323 of professional medical services, with over 32,164 hours of service, and provided dozens of training courses to local healthcare providers.

We use smart advocacy to shape policy towards the populations we serve.

Our Core Values


We strive to alleviate human suffering, protect life and health, and ensure respect for the most vulnerable regardless of their backgrounds while embracing universal humanitarian principles.



We believe that the diversity of our volunteers and staff enriches our organization and makes it easier to connect with the populations that we serve globally. 

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Cultural Competency

We accept, and strive to understand, the differences in cultures, beliefs, and values of the populations we serve without prejudice or judgment.


We embrace volunteering and giving at all levels. Medical professionals are encouraged to give their time, skills, knowledge, leadership and charity to those in need.


We expect the highest conduct of our medical professionals based on best practices, quality care, and evidence-based guidelines.

Partnership and Collaboration
We sustain our impact by working together with and training our local partners.

Our Team

Dr. Zaher Sahloul


Dr. Heather Draper

Program Director

Now Hiring

Communication and Development Manager

Now Hiring

Grants and Fundraising Coordinator

Now Hiring

Missions Coodinator

Dr. Denisse Pareja, MSPH

Research and Education Coordinator

It is important to me to be able to contribute to providing healthcare services to the most vulnerable, especially children.

Kathleen Fallon

Advocacy Advisor

Dr. Hena Ibrahim

Interim Executive Director

Entesar Yassin

Finance and Operations Director

Becca Sheehy

Volunteer Coordinator

Dr. Marwa Saleh

Educational Programs Coordinator

Dr. Maryam Molla

Bangladesh Field Coordinator

Lindsay DuBois

Colombia Field Coordinator

Bee Walsh

Administrative Coordinator

“There is no utility in observing, we must use our collective skills for good.”

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Board Members

Zaher Sahloul
Anu Shivaraju (board and founder)
Anu Shivaraju
John Kahler (board and founder)
John Kahler
Hena Ibrahim (board)
Hena Ibrahim
Janet Lin
Tracy Ibgui
Moeen Saleem (board)
Moeen Saleem
Inam Hussain
Nour Akhras (board)
Nour Akhras

Leonard Rubenstein

Ted Barnett (board)
Ted Barnett

2017 in review

We are able to serve and support communities because of the support from our partners