Infection Prevention

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplies

Gaza, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon and Yemen

MedGlobal is providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for use by local healthcare providers; PPE have arrived in Gaza, and plans for distribution in Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Lebanon are underway. Our campaign includes providing PPE to 500 healthcare workers in the countries it serves. $20 a day can protect one healthcare worker for one day.

Hygiene Kits and Disinfection

Gaza, Syria, and Yemen

MedGlobal is working with our local partners to disinfect public areas and provide sanitation supplies to hospitals and to local populations of refugees, displaced, and other vulnerable communities.

Management of COVID-19 Patients

Redirecting Personnel


As the number of patients seeking routine healthcare declines and the number of COVID-19 patients increases, MedGlobal is redirecting our local staff and field team members to work in support of the COVID-19 response. This initiative boosts human resources involved in the COVID-19 response, and also provides continued work to local healthcare providers at a time when many are losing their jobs.

Providing Medical Care at MedGlobal Clinics

Bangladesh, Colombia

MedGlobal local staff and field teams continue to provide patient care at our clinics in Cucuta, Colombia and Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. We have ensured that clinics are prepared for incoming COVID-19 patients by creating emergency triage protocols, providing strategic advice and support for frontline healthcare workers.

Training and Education

COVID-19 Public Health Education

Bangladesh, Colombia, Greece

MedGlobal is creating and distributing educational materials through courses for the general public, focused on teaching infection prevention measures such as social distancing, handwashing, and more.

COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Providers

Bangladesh, Colombia, Greece

MedGlobal is creating educational and training materials for local healthcare providers. We have begun training on isolating, detecting and managing COVID patients. We also launched a Mental Health Education webinar in collaboration with University of Illinois Chicago.