Mohsin Mohi Ud Din

Mohsin Mohi Ud Din is a survivor of violence from war, an artist, community activist, and founder of the global non profit, #MeWe International Inc. (#MeWeIntl). #MeWeIntl is a global network of artists, scientists, and community-builders who design storytelling methodologies and tools for creative expression and communication skills-building to advance the healing, equity, and social cohesion in a fragmented and polarized world. For over 15 years, Mohsin has scaled his storytelling methodology across more than 15 countries, from the valley of Kashmir, to the Syrian refugee camps in the Middle East, to the mountains of Morocco, Honduras, and Mexico. His movement has supported more than 10,000 vulnerable youth and caregivers and dozens of community building organizations fighting violence, forced displacement, incarceration, and poverty. Mohsin previously worked for human rights organizations such as Human Rights First, and worked in the Strategic Communications Division for the MDGs and SDGs for the United Nations in New York. He is 2023 member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leadership Network. His work has received honors from SOLVE Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the UN, and is a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellow, Open Ideo awards recipient and others. In 2009, Mohsin received a Fulbright Scholarship to pilot his methodologies in Morocco. Over the years his words and visual pieces are featured in VICE News, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, and The Nation. You can follow his organization at